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Our 3,920 sqft. AHS Certified, Chef-Designed Kitchen was created with the needs of a vast scope of culinary businesses in mind. Our four zones, made up of 11 stainless-steel work tables, are the perfect size for your home-base while utilizing the Kitchen facilities and equipment listed below.

  • Rotating (Reed) Oven - Holds 16 Full Bakers sheets for high volume production needs

  • 6 Burner Range

  • 4’ Flat Top Griddle

  • 2 Full-Size Ovens

  • 8’ Makeup Air System with Fire Suppression

  • 20, 40 & 80qt Hobart Mixers with attachments and mixing bowls

  • 4’ and 6’ Commercial BBQ’s

  • Large Commercial Deep Fryer

  • 180 Sqft Walk-In Fridge

  • 180 Sqft Walk-In Freezer

  • 2 Reach-In Fridges w/ Sliding Glass doors

  • Automatic Dishwasher area (leased and maintained through Ecolab)

  • Dry/Cold/Freezer Storage Areas ( **Included in most memberships)

  • Serving and Mixing bowls, Platters, Cooking Pots/Pans/Roasters for all food preparation needs

  • Cooking/Mixing/Preparation utensils and equipment etc.

  • Can I store my specialty equipment at the kitchen??

    Of course! We can allocate paid storage space for your equipment and it will be reserved only for your use. Depending on your membership plan, you may have the storage space included.

  • What about security?

    Our kitchen is monitored 24/7 with video surveillance systems to ensure that our members and their goods are safe and secure.

  • What about kitchen cleanliness and sanitation?

    Our AHS certified commercial kitchen follows clear guidelines by Alberta Health, and our members take pride in the cleanliness of their workspaces. We do have a commercial dishwasher, serviced by ECOLAB, for cleaning of kitchen utensils and AHS approved chemicals to ensure that members clean their zones thoroughly before and after each use. We also regularly perform kitchen deep cleans but as a community our members are all committed to the cleanest environment to produce their goods.