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Community First

Our Culinary community aspires to create deep connections within our Kitchens, as well as outside of their walls. Through being a member, you will be able to collaborate and connect with inspirational culinary creators within your city. We truly believe that a rising tide raises all ships, and the collective success of our group of members as a whole creates momentum within each business that is a part of Culinary Coworking.

Community Collaboration

Our members inspire each other to succeed. We have many members who have collaborated together, learned from each other, and found many insights that allow their culinary businesses to thrive. 

A Lonely Road

Any entrepreneur knows that it can be a lovely road growing a business. Our coworking kitchen provides the support of an entire community to support each other. 

Meeting Spaces

We believe brand interaction is key in communication. Real innovations and a positive customer experience are the heart of successful communication. No fake products and services. The customer is king, their lives and needs are the inspiration.

  • How many members are in the kitchen?

    Our expanded Coworking kitchen has twenty dedicated zones that our members and their teams can work. We do have times that all twenty zones are comfortably full while each separate company works in the kitchen

  • How does it work with equipment use?

    We have many community-use tools and equipments that can be used. We make sure our members have access to the equipments that they need while booked into their kitchen time and zone.

  • When is the kitchen open for use?

    Our kitchen is open for booking 24Hrs a day. We work together with our members during our onboarding process to book consistent days and times each week (minimum 4 hour blocks) and our back end scheduling program handles the rest!