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Pricing that Grows with You

With our minimum required hours of 16/Month, our memberships are meant to grow with you and your business. As you grow through our membership levels, your $/hour drops, and your storage increases. Or stay with the membership that works best for you and grow your business from there! 

Consistent Pricing

You only pay for the hours and space you use in the commercial kitchen. Each month you'll know what your membership cost will be which allows you to focus on increasing your profitability. 

Inclusive Pricing 

Culinary Coworking takes care of many costs an entrepreneur would encounter in a kitchen. We take care of waste removal, recycling, cleaning chemicals, and sanitation products within the kitchen. 

Only Pay for What You Need

We undertand the challenges of launching a food business. Alberta Health Services requires you to produce your food in a certified kitchen but that can be cost-prohibitive and a big commitment for any business! Culinary Coworking has solved that obstacle for many of Alberta's food producers.

  • What is the minimum membership commitment?

    We look for a minimum of 16 hours per month from our members, and a minimum of 4 hours booked each time a member is booked in the coworking kitchen.

  • What do I pay for?

    You pay for the hours that you book within the kitchen as well as any storage that isn't included in your membership (Check out our Pricing Page to find out which memberships come with storage included)

  • What else is included?

    In addition to the community, partnerships for preferential pricing on goods and products and marketing exposure, we also take care of the cost of many items that any entrepreneur would have to in a Kitchen. Garbage Disposal, Recycling, Chemicals for cleaning and dishwashing, laundry for rags/towels and much more!